Poker Tournaments

We’ve had a lot of people as us what the difference between poker tournaments and normal poker games are. Aren’t they both the same game played the same way? Well, the simple answer is yes, the long answer is not quite.

Ring Games
Ring Games are the normal games of poker that you sit down at the poker table and play. These can be any of the different games like Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, etc.

The basic idea of Ring Games is that they are always there, always going, and anyone can sit down, join in, and also leave, whenever they feel like it. Ring Games are popular because you can play as much, or as little, as you want to.

All players can choose the amount of money that they bring into the game and they can leave at any time no matter if they are even, winning or loosing.

Poker Tournaments
Poker Tournaments are the same games as are played in the ring games, but they are played in a slightly different format. instead of being able to join in the game whenever you want to players usually have to register for the tournament, join the tournament game at the starting time, and play until they either win the tournament, or bust out.

When you start in a tournament, every player starts off with the same amount of money. There can be as many players in a tournament as the system will handle, and that could mean thousands! The best thing is that every player starts off on the same level, so it’s all even.

The games are played in the same way that normal poker games are, so actually playing the game is easy. What you have to do is not loose all of your money. When a player looses all of their money, they are out of the game.

As you can imagine, when there’s a lot of players in the tournament, that means that there’s also a lot of tables playing at once. As players bust out of the tournament, the numbers of players at each table gets smaller. When there’s enough players out, the tables are reorganized and the players are distributed to a small amount of full tables. This continues as more and more players drop out of the tournament.

This shuffling of players continues until there’s only one table left with the remaining players. From there, the game is battled out until there’s only one player remaining, and that player is the winner.

Poker Tournaments will usually have either a winner-takes-all deal where the final winner wins the entire prize pool, or they will share the prize pool over the first however many winning players.

Poker Tournaments are becoming the preferred game for a lot of poker players out there because of the skill it takes to just get into the top 10. A lot of people also enjoy playing poker tournaments because of the bragging rights that they get from being able to say “I can 3rd in the big tournament the other day, where’d you come?” to their friends. Whatever the reason, If you haven’t played in a poker tournament yet, you’re missing out on a fantastic way to play the best game out there, so get going today!

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