Playing Poker Online vs Offline

Well one man’s pleasure is another man’s poison. There are some who swear by Online Poker and others who play Poker in the local casinos but would never play online, there are some who play both but prefer one over the other, we have tried to cover the differences.

Ambience: This is one area where Offline Poker Rooms score over their online counterparts, no matter what you do to improve the graphics, there is simply no replacing the sheer opulence you would see in say an Atlantic City or a Mirage.

Rake: Offline Casinos thanks to the opulence and overheads of running a Casino, employing waiters typically have a rake of 15-20% now compare that to an Online Poker Room like Party Poker where the rake is around 2-5%, so if you play poker regularly the cost benefits of playing Poker online cannot be ignored.

Player pool: No question here Online Poker beats offline hands down, Party Poker has over 70,000 players playing at their tables at most times beat that Atlantic City! Not only is the number of players available online are much larger than traditional casinos even the player quality varies greatly. With the number of people taking to online poker, you are bound to come across tons of weak players who have no clue about what they are doing, so if your poker skills are decent and you play reasonably tight poker, you will in all probability make more money than you would in a traditional casino.

Fringe costs: In a tradtional casino, there are lots of fringe costs which are often overlooked, for example you need to tip the dealer if you win and the tip can be 15-20% of the pot size, plus the cost of commuting to the Casinos, tipping the waiters etc and you are talking of a pretty sizeable sum.

Bluffing: This is one area where you traditional poker rooms beat online, hands down, you don’t know who you are playing with you cannot see their fingers twitch, or any other emotion, so if you have a keen eye and pride in your ability at detecting your opponent’s bluff, then online poker might not be to your liking, of course bluffing is not completely in blind space either, if you follow players over a period of time, you will start seeing player patterns which can definitely help you but it comes with time and patience.

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