Party Poker Review

Party Poker are one of the biggest and have been around longer then just about every other poker room out there. They have some of the best offers going with their great bonuses and loyalty programs. Party Poker boasts the highest number of players online at any time and the action at the tables justifies those claims. The traffic through their system can reach close to 30,000 players online at the same time when the peak tournaments are being played. Overall, the biggest and the best, so if you haven’t tried them already, what are you waiting for?

Variety Of Games
The variety of games is adequate with the inclusion of the standards of Texas Hold’Em and Omaha, and also with versions of Omaha in Hi/Lo and 7-Card-Stud in High and Hi/Lo. There are a few limitations on some limit games in 7-Card-Stud and Omaha, but these shouldn’t affect to many players.

Promotional Offers
Party Poker really knows their promotions. All of the regular Party Poker players are treated to a wide variety of promotions as well as their “refer a friend” scheme which can earn you $50 for each player that signs up. Party Poker also hosts the Million each year.

Party Poker offers their new players receive either a 20% bonus of up to $100 or a $25 bonus if they deposit $50. They also offer a frequent players points program as well as deposit bonuses for returning players giving you up to $100 free.

Easy Winnings
Even though there’s a lot of pro players that play at Party Poker, they always get a steady influx of rookie players as well, so the lower limit games are usually goof playing for picking off a few beginners. There’s even some good findings in the limits up to $2$4 and even $5/$10.

Party Poker has had some issues in the past with their support in the past, but this has changed back in 2004. Since then Party Poker has changed their support systems and now has fast Email support as well as telephone support. And to make it better, the support staff can actually help you!

Cost Of Rake
The rake tables at Party Poker are good for the higher-limit games, but the lower limit games to tend to sting a little bit when the rake hits. In the $1/$2 and $0.50/$1 games the rake gets up to 10%, and tournament fees start at around 8% in the $100 games and get as high as 20% in the $5 games.

Software Look and Feel
Even though the quality of the software provided by Party Poker is high, the graphics that are used are a slight let down. while they are good, they just don’t compare with other poker games around today. Party Poker has also had some major upgrades to their back-end systems to support 50,000+ players at one time. The software does give some rudimentary statistics, but they are a bit sparse in some areas. This isn’t a huge concern, but can be a big vague when there’s something that you want to look back at.

Banking Options
Party Poker has a wide range of banking options. Party Poker accepts credit cards, NETeller, Citadel, Firepay,Citadel, Western Union, eChecks, bank drafts, money orders, cashier’s checks and checks. Withdrawals are paid by NEteller, eChecks, check or wire transfer.

Player Traffic
This is the area that Party Poker really excels in. Because they’ve been around for so long, they have the ability to host 10,000’s of players at the same time, and they are keeping up with some aggressive marketing techniques to keep their player base the highest around. The tournaments that are hosted by Party Poker are huge, with around 30,000 players when the peak times hit.

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