Governor Of Ohio Chimes In On Slot Gambling Debate

The slot gambling debate is heating up in the state of Ohio, and the governor has now chimed in on the issue. Governor Ted Strickland believes that any expanded gambling in the state should go through the people.

Legislators are busy putting together Bills that would expand slot gambling in Ohio and would help balance the state budget. The governor, however, does not think expanded gambling is necessary and is against slots.

“Regarding expanding gambling without the participation of the people of this state, I think that would be a very wrong action that, as a governor, I would strongly object to,” said Strickland.

The people of Ohio have had their chance several times in the past dozen years. Every time the issue has come up for a vote, people of the state have voted against expanded gambling. There has been growing support of late for slot gambling from residents of Ohio.

House Democrats are considering placing a slot proposal into the state budget, something that Governor Strickland is strongly against. He believes that the slots are not needed for the education system and that the state can get by without the gambling money.


West Virginia Lawmakers Approve Greenbrier Gambling Bill

It is not usually this easy when it comes to expanding gambling in a state. West Virginia lawmakers, however, have now shown that there does not have to be a big debate every time the gambling issue comes up.

Lawmakers in both the House and the Senate have approved a Bill that will bring a casino resort to Greenbrier County. The House passed the Bill 83-17, and the Senate gave their approval by a 33-1 vote.

The Bill is aimed at giving The Greenbrier permission to begin offering table games and other casino games. It is an effort to ensure that the resort does not have to close its doors for good. Greenbrier has already filed for bankruptcy protection in February.

The legislation that was passed details profit percentage for the resort and tax structures for not only Greenbrier County, but also for the state of West Virginia.

The resort is set to be sold at a bankruptcy auction in June. The Marriott Corporation is the likely buyers of the resort when the auction comes about. Other companies can also bid for the resort if they desire.

Back in the November election, residents of Greenbrier County approved table games at the resort. The vote was not overwhelming, but the majority of residents agreed that table games could help the resort survive.

Governor Joe Manchin will now get the opportunity to sign the Bill into law. The vote from the House and the Senate came just one day before the end of the legislative session.

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