Free Poker Tips for Novice Players

Here are 12 free poker tips that could be of great use to novice players. Whether you desire to understand the game better or improve your game, these 12 free poker tips shall surely make you a better poker player overall.

Tip #1 – Never play too many hands because it’s said to be 95% of the reason most poker players never become winners.

Tip #2 – Play 15-20% of your hands. This free poker tip may make it necessary for you to wait for a long time but it’s worth it.

Tip #3 – The odds of having a pair of aces as your hole cards are 220-1.

Tip #4 – When playing texas holdem , always remember that this is a HIGH card game. Always keep this free poker tip in mind.

Tip #5 – Position counts in Texas Holdem! Study your opponents’ moves and this free poker tip will make you last longer than usual.

Tip #6 – When you have unpaired cards, there’s a 32% chance that you’ll flop its pair.

Tip #7 – If you already have a pair, you have 1% chance of getting a full house. So keep this free poker tip in mind when you’ve got a pair as your hole cards.

Tip #8 – Most hands rarely improve even when the flop is shown so your hole cards are truly the best indication of whether you can kill the pot or not. Remember this free poker tip always!

Tip #9 – If you’ve got any suited cards as your hole cards, you only have 11% chances of getting a flush with the flop. So if you’re holding K-J, this free poker tip teaches you to be patient even when nothing happens with the flop.

Tip #10 – If you only need just one more card to complete a flush, the chances of getting what you want when the turn or river is revealed is 35% or 2:1. If and when this happens, we advise you not to fold only if you have two more opponents and a flush is your only salvation.

Tip #11 – If you have a pair, there’s only an 11% chance of you gaining three of a kind with the flop.

Tip #12 – If you have a pair, the chances of having yet another pair (but not four of a kind) with the flop is just 16%.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you play and you’ll surely become better poker players!

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