Governor Clearing House For States Move To Expand Gambling

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as previously reported on CGW, the state of Alabama has legislators that are heading into the new year with the idea of taxing the gambling establishments in the state. The governor on Monday, threw a monkey wrench into that plan.

Governor Bob Riley announced the formation of a task force in Alabama that is instructed to seek out and investigate gambling operations that are being run in the state. The governor’s goal is to rid the state of illegal gambling operations that are using casino like slot machines in bingo halls.

“Enough is enough. Alabamians should never be forced to stand by and watch rouge gambling interests come in and take our state state for all it’s worth,” said Riley. The task force comes after news that the state was preparing to tax the gambling taking place.

“The law is very clear. But the law doesn’t matter to the gambling interests and their allies. They use the excuse, ‘gambling is already here, so we might as well tax it.’ I say it should not be here at all….We should get rid of illegal gambling for good wherever it exists in Alabama,” the governor said.

His use of the word ‘illegal’ is one that has been used in the past by politicians. Kentucky governor Steve Beshear used that word several times when describing online casinos that he seized domain names from.

In Kentucky, Beshear ran on the platform of expanding gambling in the state. That leaves critics to point out that the Beshear move to seize the domain name was only done so that Kentucky can monopolize the gambling revenue once they expand.

In Alabama, some believe that this may be the same goal of Riley’s. The task force will come in and clean out all of the current gambling halls, then the state will legalize their own forms of gambling with no competition.

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