$2,000,000 Royal Poker Hand to Celebrate Launch of Casino

Casino Royale is the latest 007 Bond flick, and has opened around the world to rave reviews, with many critics saying Daniel Craig may turn out to be the best ‘Bond’ ever.

Daniel Craig took over from Pierce Brosnan as the new James Bond, and the latest Bond movie will take viewers back to before Bond received his 007 ‘License to Kill’ authority. Bond is brought in by ‘M’ to play a very high-stakes Texas Hold’em poker game against the villain, Le Chiffre, who launders money for terrorists. With much more than tens of millions of dollars on the line, its character, not strength, that will determine the eventual winner.

The new Bond girls are sizzling as well. Caterina Murino is fiery

hot as Solange and Eva Green is all class and beauty as Vesper Lynd, a British treasury operative sent to stake Bond in the high-stakes poker game.

888.com are attempting to hold an historic one-off poker hand to celebrate the launch of the latest Bond movie – they are offering around $2 million if British royal family members Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Beatrice and Peter and Zara Phillips play one hand of Texas Hold’em poker. The money will be donated to a charity of the winner’s choice, but it is unclear whether the young royals have agreed to participate yet.

Matt Robinson, Head of Offline Marketing for 888.com said, “Royalty and card playing are intrinsically linked in history. With the advent of the new Bond film it seems only logical to stage a royal poker event in the name of charity.”

If the charity hand for the massive pot is eventually played, it will be a generous gesture from 888 and an ambitious and clever way to capitalize on the interest generated by the new Bond movie.

The British royal family has a history of participating in televised charity work, with Princes Charles and Andrew and Princess Anne participating in ‘It’s a Knockout’ for charity some years ago. 888 hopes the next generation of royals will continue in their parents’ footsteps.

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